Today as I weeded the first of many strawberry rows, I reflected on the beauty of spring.  I kneeled in a very humble position pulling weeds that had crept into the strawberry patch.  Straw was used to heavily mulch the area and with our recent heavy rains weeding was pleasant.  I looked out on our […]

By request, we will be offering the Fridays at the Farm workshop series on Saturdays as well during the month of May.  That means, weather permitting, we will offer the workshop on beginning an heirloom garden this coming Friday and Saturday.  This will be our second workshop in a series of workshops to be offered […]

Pigs arrived at the farm a few weeks ago.  We again purchased local organic feeder pigs from Dave Randal outside of Lebanon, IN.  These pigs will be grown out in the next several months eating organic grains and foraging through pasture and woods.  One of the things we strive to do on the farm is […]

By popular request, This Old Farm is launching a workshop series to be held Friday mornings, 10AM to 11:30AM at the farm.  Jessica Smith will share information about different aspects of farm life from organic gardening to raising chickens to preserving the harvest.  Whether you are new to growing your own food or a seasoned […]

On Wednesday, May 6th, the Sagamore West Farmer’s Market will open from 3 pm to 6:30 pm.  We look forward to seeing many of you that we have not seen through the winter season.  It is yet another sign of spring!  Please stop and see us even if it is just to say hi.  We […]

The following is an excerpt from a presentation that I gave for the Westin A. Price Foundation on Saturday.  It was a wonderful gathering with many individuals dedicated to eating local, nutrient dense, farm fresh food. 10 Time Saving Tips in a Whole Foods Kitchen So you desire to feed your family good, healthy, natural […]

Out in the pastures you can now see little kids jumping all over the goats and sheep. No, I am not talking Smith kids, but goat kids. We now have goat shares available. In Indiana, it is not legal to sell raw milk yet some want the many benefits it has to offer. To obtain […]

10 years ago Erick and Jessica started a journey to seek out a way of life that was socially and environmentally responsible. We were thinking about health and the health of our children. These thoughts led us to produce food sustainably and make that food available to you. We were not the first. Many of […]

Cooking with natural foods can be overwhelming. It takes time to learn what to do with a whole chicken, or how to make yogurt on a consistent basis. If cooking with natural foods overwhelms you, come on out and listen to a few ideas to get you moving forward with your goals of eating naturally […]

Here at the farm we are working on minimizing energy requirements in many areas. One historically energy intensive area has been the brooding of chicks. Before our pasture raised chicken or turkey can go out on pasture they must be kept in a brooder with temperatures between 85 F and 98 F for three weeks. […]

The new egg mobile has been constructed. In the past we have moved the hens from their winter quarters surrounding the gardens to there summer quarters in the front field. The summer home was a 20 by 20 greenhouse frame that could be moved in the front pasture. To allow the hens to traverse more […]

Many of you have started placing your orders via the online spreadsheet. Some of you even found a few errors. We appreciate any feedback we get and were happy to be notified of a few needed changes. They have now been fixed. Your early orders are greatly appreciated!