PRESS RELEASE – Producer Meeting April 17: Trailer to Freezer will include Value Added Goods

We will now combine two meetings into one! The producer meeting originally scheduled for March 13 (Value Added Goods) will be included in the April 17 Trailer to Freezer meeting. Join us at 12:00 for a full facility tour and learn:

Value Added Goods – How our V.A.G. can stiffen your demand. Learn about curing and smoking of hams and bacon, jerky production, and ready-to -eat meats that can give you a leg up on other direct market farmers.

Trailer to Freezer – Ever wonder what happens after you drop off your livestock? We will walk you through the entire process. *No animals will be harmed during this tour

In order for us to plan our staff accordingly, please RSVP to Travis via email:

All times are Eastern Standard Time and will take place/start in the upstairs meeting space at the processing facility located at 9572 W Co. Rd. 650 S, Colfax, Indiana 46035.

All participants will need to wear a face mask/covering as required by Indiana mandate issued by Governor Holcomb. Due to space limitations, social distancing may not be possible at all times.

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