SALES!!!! New Product – Bologna!!


Ready for pick-up. Call today for exact inventory with pricing.

Farmer’s Rations (1/4 Beef): 100% Grass-fed Beef $585.80-659.93 ; Grass-fed, Corn-finished Beef $642.22-872.90

Pork It Out (1/2 hog): Pasture Raised $379.60-385.61

Little Lamb Samplers (1/2 lamb): $148.75-153.35

April Stock Up Sale!!!

1# pkgs. of 1/3# grass-fed, corn-finished beef patties. 20% off – $5.59/lb.

1# pkgs. of grass-fed, corn finished ground beef. 20% off – $5.35/lb.

Pasture Pork Spare Ribs – 20% off – $2.40/lb. – 5# bulk pkgs.

Try our new Premium Cuts (no by-products) Deli Style Bologna on your next Picnic or stock up and get ready for those days the kids are home! 8 oz. pkg. for $4.50/pkg.

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