Specialty Sausage Special!

Josh Fowler, our value-added specialist has been hard at work coming up with various seasoning to tempt your pallet.  Taste buds are somewhat like fingerprints in that no two people are exactly alike.  For this reason, we offer a full line of variety.  To make it easy to choose we will put together 25 lbs of taste tempting sausages for you to try and offer a discount.

Your package may include some of the great This Old Farm sausage varieties:

Salt Pepper Sage-The standard good morning biscuits and gravy blend.

Maple-Carries a wonderful aroma without to much sweet.  Really lets the flavor of the pork shine through

The Edge-Our house all purpose sausage.  Those that don’t like the strong flavor of sage usually love this sausage.

Italian-Pizza tonight?  Such a good all around Italian blend of spices to keep you coming back for more.

Bratwurst-Easy dinner that the kids call a favorite.  No added fillers to leave a “gut bomb” feeling after the fact.

Italian Links-My favorite linked sausage perfect to throw on the grill.

Summer Sausage-Our blend of lean grass-fed beef and pastured pork cured and smoked with sea salt and celery juice powder giving in to a guilt free sausage.

Like Heat?  Some come customized with added red pepper to give that kick to be remembered gently.

None of our sausages have msg, preservatives, or other fillers.  They need to be cooked gently as to preserve the flavor of the meat without drying it out.  You can choose the option of a pastured pork product or traditionally raised local pork product.

A 10% discount is offered on each 25 lb package making our Specialty Sausage Sampler just $4.50/lb for traditional pork or $5.85/lb for pastured pork.  Call today, (765) 324-2161 to reserve yours today!