Spring is a season of rebirth! Up from the ashes, the building grows!

On schedule for June finish date,
On schedule for June finish date,
There are so many things that have been happening out at the farm that it is hard to focus on a general update.  We have been working as fast as we can to recover from the fire that burnt our processing facility to the ground at the end of December.  So many of you have stepped out to offer help.  Soon we will have the building enclosed and be on to finishing touches which is when we can have crews of volunteers out.  Give us a call if you want to come out.  In the mean time your kind words have driven us to continue during the difficult months. 
The winter contained many long nights which we spent processing in our leased facility.  The days were spent furthering our mission and talking to producers.  Indiana grows food that feeds food (corn and soybeans) but little diversified crops (produce and meat).  I have spent many hours talking with producers encouraging them to grow chemical free produce and meat products.  So much time that it has been evident that we needed to hire a farm manager. 
Mark Hufford joined us just under two weeks ago to help us on the farm as well as be available to consult with other growers.  He has a lifetime of experience in agriculture and nearly 10 years in consulting for family farms.  He will also work to further the mission of local foods distribution as he gets the farm under control. 
We are growing strong with some good wholesale accounts to lead us into the second year of our local foods distribution business.  I have spent time in Chicago at the Farm to Fork conference networking with so many that want access to traceable, local foods.  It is nice to do something that so many are interested in. 
Yet it is the call from our regular customers that spur us on.  The best way to support us and local farms is to pick up the phone and let us know you are ready to fill your freezer.  Food costs are on the rise as corn prices and other inputs stay at record highs.  Now is the time to fill your freezer.  Call (765) 376 2014 so we can help. 
Watch for our new ordering website cart coming soon to make it as easy as possible for you to let us know what you want.