Squeezing Lemonade out of beef quarters………..

We know we can get messaging out faster than ever before, but how fast can we start to see lemonade be made from all these Covid lemons? The support we have felt and our farmer customers have felt through purchasing meat packages direct is a sure sign of making lemonade out of lemons.

How can we spread the word that knowing your farmer is just as important as knowing how to slow the spread of this new virus? Even those, like myself, who like to stay off the beaten path have been forced to learn about this new virus. Our lives will for ever be marked by the past week or two as the world took on a new light. Some of us started paying attention to how many times we go to touch our nose, some of us started thinking about how much we miss our friends and families when we have to social distance from them, and yet some did start thinking about where their food comes from for the first time!

We have had so many farmers come or call in this week telling how their neighbor called them up after living beside one another for 10+ years and finally asked what they sold. The cows are in the front field, the sign has hung at the driveway marketing their meat, but prior to last week the neighbor never thought to ask how to buy beef from them. Now the farmer is the popular one on the block. Where once they couldn’t sell all the ground beef, now they have more steaks in the freezer than ground. The week has opened many’s eyes to just how important it is to know your farmer, but we need more to know this information! While I try to see the silver lining in all situations, this is one that I could not be more pleased with. I say this not in a spiteful manner, but with love and care for all humankind. I know there is struggle right now and some may not want to yet see a silver lining, yet I think we all need to start squeezing some lemonade and looking for the good. One of those goods is in teaching our neighbors how to buy meat when the grocery runs low or better yet, how to support our direct market farmers all the time so they are ready to feed us when times are tough like now.

While we are all called to a purpose, I love when that purpose involves sharing the Good Food story that your family may well know. While we often sell meat packages as people’s tax checks come in, this year marks the highest sales of people buying a meat package with a quarter beef being the most popular followed by a case of ground beef, or our 25 lb combination package. As our customer, know that each of these purchases matter. Our farmers are happy to be feeding you in this time of great need. Call today to love your farmer, call today to order your farm direct meat package, (765) 324-2161.

With love this Covid spring,


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      You are the best. So thankful that we get to send you a whole beef every three months! My husband likes to talk about feeding people (and furry friends) is the best way to show love. Hopefully you feel that love each time we send product.



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