The Farm is on the Road coming to a Place Near You!

dsc_0108There is no better time of year than harvest time.  The beauty of vegetable production is that harvest season is extended throughout the warm months.  I love my job.  I get to pull up to fields of produce and load boxes and deliver them to supporters of local, chemical free agriculture.  Last Monday we picked up and delivered 525 lbs of spring mix, 1000 lbs of radishes, and 307 heads of lettuce.  This week we have green onions, herbs, more spring mix and head lettuces.  Indiana does grow more than corn and soy beans. 

Here on our farm the livestock is growing almost as fast as the grass.  This week starts the haying season for us.  The rain has resulted in good growth.  The pigs have liked it almost as much as the hay fields as where there is rain, there is mud.  We held off on getting meat chickens due to the cold, wet spring but they will be arriving shortly.  In the mean time the layers have been the only chickens manning the fields.  The yolks are nice and orange.     

Through our alliance of growers we can make it all available to you.  From veggies to meat you can pick up or we will deliver.  We are working on streamlining our ordering site.  If you are a wholesale buyer you need to call in to create your account.  Stacy is happy to walk you through an order whether you are a restaurant or a family.  She loves to help get good food out there.  Stop in at or call (765) 376-2014.