The Power of a Word

I am blessed to have a staff that cares about our mission of working to promote the family farm. They care about sustainability, they care about health, they care about the environment, they care about education, and they care about choice. They know our mission is to support the family farm by offering full scale services from processing to marketing and distribution of locally raised, healthful meat, produce, and value-added food.

To carry out this mission we have become a resource of information regarding agricultural practices, food safety, and consumer demand. We have grown to have a wonderful staff of agricultural leaders that work to carry out our mission which often means they are pulling together resources for farms and consumers alike. Because our customer base is broad, we try to present information across the board. Yes, we as an organization believes in sustainability, we believe in the choice for non GMO grains, we believe in pasture based operations, but first and foremost we believe in supporting the farmer in there work where they are today. Through offering support and services and marketing options, we have seen change occur. We have seen farms grow to offer more choice. We have seen Indiana farms flourish, both conventional and organic. It is not our intent to use words to harm the agricultural industry as was suggested today. My staff’s intent to support the good work our niche market meat producers do was taken as a way to harm the large industry of agriculture in Indiana and throughout the country. Please know what an extremist says should only open the discussion and questions we should all ask about our food supply. We as Americans, need to stand strong in supporting the farmer next door and the hard work he does.

An apology is in order for anyone who felt like the information in the newsletter that went out on January 26th was meant to hurt any farmer. To stay true to our mission the article in question was removed from our facebook page and our website. The source for the articles and the link was cut off the newsletter blog prior to posting which made it difficult for our readers to check sources. Staff discussion revealed how fortunate we are to have a following of individuals that care about their food supply and knowing more about it. We will strive to make sure all information sent out is either peer reviewed, linked to the original author, or marked appropriately when it is the view point of a staff member. We value your trust in bringing valid information about agriculture and food today to your inbox and welcome any feedback at any point.

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