This Old Farm Expands Agricultural Consulting Services

You know us as a meat processor and food hub, but you may not know that This Old Farm also offers consulting services across a wide range of agricultural topics. Owner Jessica Smith and staff member Maria Smietana are both degreed biologists, in addition to having over 25 years of sustainable farming experience between them. We charge a reasonable $65/hr for most services. You choose the degree of help you need based on what you can afford. We work within your budget. Whether you’re thinking about a new kind of livestock, or have problems growing a healthy pasture, we can help. Here is just a partial list of our consultation areas:

Growing pastured sheep, goats, and pigs
Pasture health and diversification
Growing 100% grass-fed beef
Going non-GMO or chemical-free
Produce season extension
Starting a small farm
Writing a farm business plan
Creating a crop plan and seed budget
Soil building

Click here to download our project evaluation form.

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