This Old Farm Meats and Processing is Now Open for Business!

Deadlines. …….  No one likes them.  Whether they are set by yourself or someone else they always creep up faster than intended.  They cause stress.  They cause anxiety.  But they are necessary.  I am a firm believer that without goal points we don’t progress very far in life.  I am also a firm believer that we need help meeting our goals.  I have been blessed to watch the extraordinary happen over the last several months after the fire we experienced December 27th.  When I set the date of June 6th for reopen I scared most knowledgeable folks off.  I mostly got “the look”.  Anyone in construction knew that it often takes months just to get through permitting and design.  Then we had a rezoning issue and it seemed to sink the thought of a quick return for most.  Yet we stayed strong in knowing that with help from God, with help from those around us, it would happen.  We put out for bid in early January and of the 6 companies contacted recieved 2 bids.  The other 4 companies thought the budget was too tight and the timeline not possible.  As we progressed through construction there were the normal weather delays and mistakes made.  Every challenge was tackled and a solution found.  The men on the job formed a great bond.  They joked and made fun of each other.  The Amish and English came together to raise a building with great speed.  My son learned great skills.  My husband passed along his knowledge of electrical construction to our employees that we wanted to keep with us despite the lack of a great amount of processing work.  They processed meat a few times a week at night in our leased facility and became electricians by day.  I would never have chosen to live the experience nor would I want to live it again but I do know that it is through challenge that we grow.  It is through challenge that we can see God’s hand in our lives.  When you feel like life has given you the impossible, give us a call.  Everyone said we couldn’t get it done but I am here to tell you that on June 6th we reopened our new certified organic processing facility outside of Colfax, IN and began filling the freezers with 100% traceable custom, wholesale, and retail meats.  We have only the best.  Call us at (765) 324-2161.  Help us spread the word that we have risen from the ashes and are back in action.  We are ready for you to walk through the door!  Come see us.  Your encouragement and hope for choice in what you eat is what keeps us going.  Without you, it isn’t possible.