This Old Farm, Now Hiring!!

This Old Farm is now hiring for positions in processing staff, customer service and administration, as well as sales, marketing, and distribution! This Old Farm is a wonderful place of work, small enough to enjoy a strong fellowship with your coworkers, but large enough to make an impact. Not to mention wonderful food at lunch break!
If you are comfortable with people, and interested in learning more, as well as educating others about good food, you could fit right in with our current customer service staff! They are more than willing to help educate any eager individual in local health foods! You’ll quickly be adopted into our small, tightly knit office group, and along the way, you’ll get the chance to learn and educate others about eating locally and healthily!
If you want to get to know the farms who grow your food, and help them get their product out into the world, you could go far in our role for sales, marketing, and distribution. You’ll be getting to talk with the farmers on a daily basis, counseling and aiding them to the best of your ability, and watch small farms turn into profitable businesses. Any past experience in agriculture is especially appreciated, as you will have to be comfortable with helping farmers along, as well as accurately selling their product.
The processing staff is the backbone of our business, without them we would be missing out on a crucial pillar in the food system, processing. Nobody wants a live cow delivered to their doorstep, that’s where they come in. If you’re a dedicated, hard-working individual, who can do an honest day of good work, you could fit well in our processing staff. They’re a crucial part of the food system, so they are certainly needed.
As with any small business, everybody wears many hats. Though you may be hired into customer service, you may be called upon to help with other things. This aspect makes working in a small business a wonderful opportunity to grow and learn as you better yourself, and the company. If you’re interested, email Jessica Smith ( with your resume, and feel free to call us at 765-324-2161 with any questions.