This Old Farm Update

Dear Valued Customers, Alliance Members and Friends and Family of This Old Farm,

We write with heavy hearts to inform you of the devastating fire that occurred on Monday, December 27th at This Old Farm Meats and Processing Plant in Colfax. At around 2:30pm a grease fire broke out in the smokehouse and spread quickly. Employees attempted to put out the fire but without success. The fire and smoke quickly consumed the smokehouse room and processing room and spread throughout the plant. Emergency services were called after the fire was discovered and they appeared at the plant soon after. Firefighters worked hard and long to contain the fire but even after all of their efforts we have experienced a total loss of the plant.  We are grateful though to inform you that all employees and the five beef scheduled for slaughter the following day were evacuated and no one and no live animals were injured.

We are sorry to say that all hanging meat and frozen products were lost in the fire by smoke and chemical damage.  But we are working hard and long to assure you that, though our building is destroyed, This Old Farm is not.   Our business will continue to carry on. We are working to count our losses and to repay any losses to you our customers and Alliance members. Please be patient with us as we work to get back on our feet.

We assure you that we will work diligently to take care of your need for both financial restitution as well as good meat for you and your family.

Though the building is in ash and ruin we are holding strong as a team thinking creatively about how to get This Old Farm Meats and Processing on its feet again. As said above, though the building is done our business and service to you is not.

With any questions please email us at   If possible, please do not call as we are getting overloaded with phone calls already. But we will respond to your emails as soon as possible.  We trust we will see your trust and support in the coming months.  Your business is important to us both now and into the future.


Erick and Jessica Smith and all at This Old Farm