To the Mother’s, Thank You.

What better way to say thank you to Mom than chocolate? Our locally made chocolates, truffles, and coffee are all 20% off as our way of attempting to thank the mothers for all that they do, have done, or will do.

But is anybody really capable of thanking mothers? In the words of C.S. Lewis “The Homemaker has the ultimate career. All other careers exist for one purpose only, and that is to support the ultimate career”. Too often we get caught up in other things of life, being proud of corporate and academic success, forgetting that there is no other job more important than raising the next generation, and that is the job that more often than not defaults to mothers. That is not to say corporate success and academic success are not something to be proud of, but a special recognition of mothers and all that they do is often lost. Mothers are so common, everybody has one, everybody knows several, and so we forget how truly special they are. We are indebted to our mothers with more than we will ever be able to give back, and they are all perfectly happy to live as such.

Everyday is mother’s day. Every day there is a new mother somewhere in the world. Everyday there is a mother cleaning up some child’s mess. Every day there is a mother who is at her wits end (to which I sincerely apologize on behalf of all children), and everyday there is a mother filled with love and pride for her child.

And so I would like to thank all mothers everywhere, for everything they do for us. Those who raise this generations children determine how the future will be, and that is the job of a mother. Have a wonderful mother’s day.

Conner Smith