TOFI Slaughter Facility Update

Protein prices are soaring and volatile. It’s hard to find that sweet spot that makes your customers’ happy and makes you the money you need to sustain your farm. Anxiety about customer retainment is ever present when we reassess our pricing, but the market warrants it. Here’s a great daily USDA Beef report for some perspective on commodity beef prices from the corporate giants: If you need consultation on pricing, please reach out.
We are quickly filling 2022 slaughter spots. If you haven’t called us about your 2022 processing needs, please do so ASAP. We are already taking requests for 2023 processing. Give us a call at (765) 324-2161


  1. Greg downham

    Greg Downham here. I am still hopeful of 2 openings for beef that I can bring in, in December still. I have a date of 12/29 for one. It need 2 additional spots. Any consideration is appreciated. Thank you. 765-426-4021

    1. James Fronza

      Hi Greg, I will have a member of our team reach out.


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