TOFI’s Own Pasture Raised Hogs Now Available Once Again.

TOFI??  Are we talking that white substance that vegetarians eat and Asians love??  No that is Tofu.  Here at This Old Farm we celebrate as recovered vegetarians.  We may once have eaten a lot of Tofu but we now feel great eating meat because we know where it comes from.  We know how it was raised and we know how it was processed.  Prior to knowing, Stacy and Jessica spent years not eating meat.  Now that that is all in the past we get to have good pork with our tofu stir fry as long as that pork comes from TOFI.  If you haven’t caught on yet, TOFI stands for This Old Farm, Inc.  It is the acronym we use when we have product raised on our own home farm ground located just 5 miles from the processing facility.  We now have our winter batch of hogs available to you in any quantity.  These Berkshire cross hogs were raised on pasture, clearing out our garden area and turning over our chick bedding.  Berkshires are known for their ability to marble fat throughout making for a very tender pork.  They were fed only certified organic grains.  Now that they are done with their job, they have come in to fill our freezers or should I say, your freezer.  Celebrate good meat with Stacy and I.  Celebrate by letting us fill your freezer.  This special pork is available to you for $3.35/lb hanging weight.  Organic Grains are not cheap, but who wants cheap food anyway??  Please budget $268/half hog plus processing.

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