Tonight’s Marketing Meeting

Tonight was our first installment of this season’s farmer meetings. The topic of Marketing was discussed in an open roundtable format. There was great camaraderie and fellowship with likeminded farmers sharing both successes and failures. The most interesting aspect was hearing how what works for one farmer may not be working for another that’s only a county over. It was quite refreshing to see that farmers don’t see others as competition, but view them as members of the same team. Their willingness to share ideas to help their fellow man is truly inspiring.

Our next Meeting will be Saturday March 30th at 10 am. The topic will be Meat Quality, Yields and Grades. This meeting will include the opportunity to tour behind the scenes of our facility. Don’t be left out, sign up today!

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  1. lori clark

    can anyone come to the meeting on march 30th or do you have to be a farmer? where do you sign up?


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