Tribute to a Wonderful Man!

Today, almost a year and a half later than originally expected, we parted ways with one of our employees.  This wasn’t just any employee though.  When you work closely with people they become like family.  When you know that someone is willing to give the shirt of his back they mean that much more to you.  Mike Bruton was one of those men.  Erick and I purchased the processing facility from him in November of 2009.  We agreed to have him stay on for 6 months to train us and get us set up to run a successful business.  I remember the day when we signed all the necessary paperwork at the title company for purchase, Mike said, “I got your back.”  He took it to heart.  Mike had spent years trying to sell the business formally known as R & M Meat Processing.  I believe the many deals fell through for him only because God had a plan for our paths to cross and offer the opportunity for our business to help spread Good Food.  I know those years were tough for Mike, but I am glad he held out until we were ready to purchase.  Meat Processing is a hard business.  The margins are low and the work is extremely physical.  Mike was one of the “Last Mohicans” working to check in, slaughter, and cut every animal him self with few employees in an effort to keep prices as low as possible for farmers and his customers.  The rest of his family had worked along side for many years until his dad had a heart attack.  Going alone for several years left him tired.  With new excitement brought in by new owners, we were able to give Mike some more life in the processing business.  He no longer had to take care of everything on his own.  He agreed to stay on.  We could not have gotten to where we are today, without his guidance for the last couple years.  Mike gave his dedication to see our company get off to a good start.  I will be forever grateful.  Here’s to new starts and new opportunities for Mike!