Tried and True Customer? We have a special for you too!

While the following post will reward our new customers, this one is for everyone!  While we love the new ones, it is those returning customers that have made it possible to date.  We are working on a new inventory system but until then, we occasionally find a few cases of meat that got buried.  While the vacuum seal ensures long lasting quality we use these “finds” as an opportunity to pass along unbeatable value.  This months special is our organically fed pasture raised chicken thighs.  These chickens were raised by Ben Zook, being fed organic grains and rotated on pasture for good health.  Thighs happen to be Erick’s favorite piece of chicken so we know they won’t last long.  Place an order and we will make sure you have a recipe!  Call (765) 324-2161

Organically fed and pastured chicken thighs just $4.55/lb 30% Off

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