Use your turkey left overs to make broth!

We strive for producing the most sustainable product here at This Old Farm. But it’s up to you, our customers, to ensure our product is used sustainably in your home. Some of the most major steps towards sustainability are simply reducing waste by using everything you buy to its fullest extent. This shows respect for the animal by ensuring none of it goes to waste, respect for the environment by ensuring you get the most out of the energy put in, and respect for your wallet by ensuring each dollar buys as many meals as possible.

Jessica’s favorite part of the turkey is not the first meal but rather the turkey and noodles that follows. Put the leftover bones, after the easy-to-carve meat has been removed, into a crock pot. Add bay leaves, peppercorns, salt and water and cook on low for 8 hours. Strain and use the stock to make the best soup possible, or use to boil the noodles. This is the way you harvest all the nutrients stored up in the bones. Nothing can be more sustainable than utilizing everything!

If you decide you’d like to make even more broth on your own, we sell chicken frames which can be used to make broth just as described above. Currently, we have chicken frames in our bargain bin for 50% off! Our bargain bin is frequently rotated, so come check it out while the frames are still in it!

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