Watch & Listen


This week we finally get to reveal all the hard work that we have been doing for the last several months!!!!

A big thank you to Kaspar Radio (Shine 99 and WILO and Kidd Production Group), WTHR Channel 13, Lafayette Printing, Rolla Creative, LLC (our Web Design & Development studio), Joe and Kelly Mills, Don Mills, Jason Anderson of Wabash College, Trina Rose of Witham Memorial Hospital-Lebanon, IN and Travis Hood of Hoods Heritage Hogs for all your hard work and willingness to help us realize this dream of our advertising campaign!

Keep a close eye out on Channel 13 and a close ear to Shine 99 and WILO to see what all the talk is about!  Also, don’t miss your chance to log on to our new website which will be announced next week!

Again, thank you everyone and thank you for all your continued support!

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