We are Getting Settled In!

On June 6th, 2011 we started processing once again.  It took us just 5 months to rebuild nearly an entire processing facility after the fire we had December 27th.  We started processing once again on the goal date we had set.  It hasn’t been easy but God never promised easy.  He did, however, promise he would be by our side.  We have seen his hand over and over again through this experience.  We want to lift up praise to him for the many times he held our hand through a difficult time.  He gave Erick the strength to carry on through very long days.  He gave our contractors the wisdom they needed to address the challenges of the day.  He gave our employees the patience they needed to withstand the trial.  He gave us a gracious group of customers.  Every time the door opens and someone walks through it, I smile knowing what it took to put that door back in place and feeling blessed that I am able to provide service to either a farmer or someone looking for healthy, locally raised meat.  Yes, I have wanted to apologize for the continued mess of construction but we are getting that cleaned up as well.  Moving an office has been difficult on everyone.  I finally put it into prospective when I thought about how stressful it is to move a household.  When you move, you often can’t find items for months.  By moving a business we have had items needed by our customers and alliance members misplaced.  We appreciate every one’s patience with the move.  Most of all, we appreciate everyone that has come in to say hello and once again vote to keep local foods alive in Indiana!  Come on in and see us at 9572 W County Road 650 S  Colfax, IN  46035.