We are hiring!

We are a growing company with exciting plans over the next 5-10 years. We are looking for honest, dependable, hard working individuals to join our team. Our mission is to bring healthful, local food to Indiana by sustaining, nurturing, and prospering the family farm through distributing local, environmentally conscience foods at a cost that both supports the farmers while representing the true cost and value for the customer.

We are currently hiring in the following positions:

1) Barn manager and records keeper
2) Stunner on the harvest floor
3) Head Butcher’s assistant deboning meat
4) Two packers
5) Vacuum packer
6) Value-Added Butcher’s assistant working with smoked meats and ready to eat products
7) Distribution assistance with stocking freezers and product inventory

We are primarily looking for those able to work full time, who are interested in developing skills in the butchery trade, a lost art that is regaining popularity. We will gladly train those showing a serious interest in pursuing a career in the meat Industry.

Contact Susan at 765-324-2161 for more information on these available jobs and how to apply.

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