Welcome to the Team! Three new staff members to visit with during your next trip to Colfax

We are thankful to have new farm to market staff members to introduce! After patiently waiting for several months for good candidates, three came through the door all at once.

Chef Jordan moved to Lafayette most recently from our neighboring state, Illinois. There he worked through the years managing a couple different restaurants in which he was dedicated to serve the best local food when possible. One skill he had yet to master was whole animal butchery. We are happy to show him the ropes while he joins our value added team bringing his culinary expertise. Staff was already quite happy to have him on board when he provided lunch to the team on Friday. Why do they always have good food when I leave the office?

Eve spent her weekend prior to reporting for her first day on the harvest floor team with her kids doing gun safety training and hunting skills training. She enjoys agility training and showing her bird dogs. Both hobbies make her fit right in to the team. She very well may be the most talkative, friendly individual I have ever interviewed.

Shelly started learning invoicing today and in the stack of invoices to make were her own hog cutting instructions. I love hiring customers as they already believe in the work we do! Shelly is proud of her farm heritage. Her first time off request was for a cattle show at the end of the month.

I am glad to have three new staff members to help get our farm product from field to market. Please extend a warm welcome to the team when you come in in to say hello!

Your Truly,

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