Welcome to Gary Parrett!

We have been blessed to grow our team and bring in new faces to help make local food available in Central Indiana!  Gary Parrett is one of those new faces.  He joined us to bring his lifetime of experience, 38 years, cutting meat to help our business have a solid foundation.  All together now, our team has over 50 years of butchering experience.  As a first generation butcher shop, I am proud of finding a great team to work with.  Gary owned his own business in Carroll County, Parrett’s Meat Processing and Catering, until he sold it a few years back.  After being semi-retired for a few years he decided he might be a little bored.  Lucky for us.  As long as we stay somewhat flexible letting him have time off for his son’s wedding coming up shortly, he arrives 4 days a week to pass along his great amount of knowledge and contacts in the processing arena.  He still lives in Flora with his lovely wife.  His two children are both working on their PhDs.  Nothing like having had the opportunity to raise wonderful children and sell a successful business to show that God has surely blessed Gary.  He is now passing along that blessing to us through his experience.  Welcome Gary!  We are glad to have you!

We are back to offering the farm community custom processing services in our new facility outside Colfax, IN.  We process poultry, beef, lamb, goats, and pork.  By offering custom processing services in Indiana we hope to encourage diversified agriculture.  We also support those farms that support us by utilizing their products for our wholesale and retail meat distribution.  By working with a wide range of growers, we offer choice.  Whether you are looking for traditional, organic, or grass-fed meats we can get you just what you are looking for from a local farm.  By purchasing your meats this way, you are making the choice to support agriculture in Indiana, ensuring we can feed our communities for years to come.  Thank you for voting!  Thank you for your support.  Call us at (765) 324-2161.  We love talking to you!