What Makes our Pork Different?

Fall is the time to think about meat and make sure your freezer is full.  Historically chicken was mainly eaten through the summer months as it is light and easy to process and store during warm months.  Larger animals would have been processed in the fall when natural storage methods could have been used through the cold months.  It is amazing how this lines up with the way we grow and process on the farm.  We take advantage of the warm grass growing months to grow great meat.  We do the majority of our large animal processing in the fall.  If you have been thinking of ordering a bulk amount of pork by the half or the whole, now is the time.

Here on the farm we take extra care to get you the best pork possible.  We feel it is extra important to have good clean pork due to the way pork processes toxicity.  The pig is amazing at storing toxicity in their fat layer and any toxins are consumed by you when you eat pork raised in the conventional manner.  Antibiotics or growth stimulants are routinely used in confinement raised hogs.  A small number of confinement pig livers pass inspection due to all that the liver is forced to filter out.  For more information on these concerns visit sustainable table.org.

At This Old Farm we get piglets from a local farmer that raises for Organic Valley.  We take it a step further and raise the pigs outside and let them enjoy working by turning over new ground for us.  We feed them a mix of organic grains, milk,  and all of the garden leftovers as well as anything they find on the pasture.  Pigs eat grass.  They, too, need there greens.  Nothing toxic needs to be stored in their fat layer or their liver.

Today we are delivering some of our pasture raised pigs to the processors.  There is still time to get your cutting instructions so that we can get exactly what you want.  Call (765) 436-2186 or email Jessica today.