Why we began…………….

What a bittersweet time in life. The phone is ringing and our meat sales have doubled, yet our new customers have experienced pain in seeing a disruption in where their food typically is purchased. People all around us are reaching out in love to show more grace than I have ever seen, yet we are afraid to hug one another. School’s are closing giving more family time, yet there is stress about who will care for the children. While I feel thankful to be part of the robust local supply chain of good food that has been created with the hard work of MANY mission driven businesses like ours, I am saddened that the crisis that brings that work to light has an affect on so many. This Old Farm started to feed our community. We expanded and worked through the years to help grow a supply of top quality safe food thinking that one day there would be a need in our community and beyond. While our customer base last year was mostly farmers and customers with a deep appreciation for the health benefits and environmental benefits of eating local and sustainably grown meats, today the customer was most often one that had never heard of those benefits but was introduced in the harshest way possible why it is good to know your farmer. While we have shipped meat through the Midwest, this evening a call came in from California to place an order as he could not get what his family normally ate there. No one is ignorant about the changes seen in just a week. While our phones may be a bit busier, I want our existing customers to know we are here to serve you with minimal change. Our staff has always been trained in food safety. We have always felt buying locally is safer. We can maintain 6 feet in all of our processing operations and store front. We can deliver to Lafayette and many surrounding areas. We can bring orders out to your car. No one is working if they even have a sniffle so we can continue without change to provide you the best meat in the Midwest.

Farmer’s……. Keep booking those processing appointments. Your customer base is expanding!
Eater’s…….. Keep supporting your local farmers and our staff that have been connecting the two for the past decade.

Tonight I say a prayer for all of our customers and their families. Know we are here for you.

This Old Farm Owner


  1. susan belt

    Thank you Jessica. I’ve been meaning to drive out and I will tomorrow. It is such a comfort to know you are able to continue providing good meat at a critical time like this.

    1. This Old Farm

      Let me know when you are here. I miss seeing you!


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