With snow coming, you better layer up!

Snow may be upon us in the near future, which means it’s time to put away the summer clothes and bundle up! Now through November 15th (or while supplies last), place an order for a turkey in our retail store and get a This Old Farm hoodie free of charge. While you’re here, check out the plethora of craft boutique items we have for sale courtesy of Cynthia Merrill.


  1. Hal Bodkin

    I would like to know more about your turkeys, I’ve never purchase meat from you only had you process goat for me.. I would like to smoke a turkey this thanksgiving.

    Where do your turkeys come from?
    What are your turkeys fed?
    What is the cost of 12 lb turkey.

    1. This Old Farm

      Hi Hal,

      Thank you for asking! Would love to be part of your Thanksgiving holiday. John Mark Stolzfus has raised our turkeys for the last many years. He is a local producer that uses non GMO grains and pastures the turkeys for both nutrient density as well as a nice full flavor. The cost is $5.40/ lb . We take a $25 deposit at order and get your size request and then do our very best to get as close to that size as possible.

      Look forward to taking that order!


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