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Lamb Sampler – 1/2 lamb weighing approximately 40-50 lbs.
– 100% grass-fed lamb at $4.30 per pound live weight ($3.30+$1 processing)
Allow up to one month for processing Estimated Total Package: $172* – $215*

The approximate cuts of ½ Lamb are as follows:
1 Leg of Lamb (3-5 lbs.)
1 Shank (1 lb.)
12 Loin/Rib Chops (1 1/2†thick)
5 Ground Lamb or Sausage (1 lb.)

Important Information, please read carefully:
*All of our meat is aged for flavor and texture.
*Processing costs listed are an average price. Also note prices are subject to change due to rising cost of grain.
*Remember! For many packages, you are purchasing a live animal and final weights do vary thus packages listed are an estimated cost. Our price is based on the hanging weight (pre-processing weight). Product weight decreases by approximately 30% from hanging weight to take home weight due to trimming of fat, deboning, and moisture loss. Your order may vary depending on the size of the animal and final hanging weight.

QUESTIONS?? Please call our office at (765) 324-2161

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