We have a new location opening Summer 2021!

This Old Farm is expanding a bit to make locally grown meat more readily available to the public.

Over on the southside of Lafayette, just off of Veterans Memorial Highway, we are currently working on This Old Butcher Shoppe. TOBS, as we’ve grown to call it here at TOFI, will be a fresh meat focused butcher shop. We look to provide everything from quick lunch meats to high quality steaks to tasty smoked meats. We also have some big plans for This Old Butcher Shoppe in the future, so we can’t wait until it’s open!

If you want to visit the building and see it’s progress, TOBS is located at 3623 Braddock Lane, Lafayette, IN 47909. If you have any questions you can give us a call at 765-767-4886 or email Jessica at jessica@thisoldfarminc.com and we’d be happy to share more.