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Has a staff member called you? Your thoughts have developed our training program as we have revamped our means, methods and systems, spending over 100 hours during the last few months training staff members to better serve you.

A two day training brought in Mark Schad, a Meat Industry Consultant from Florida, to audit our robust humane handling program and teach Introductory HACCP, a program to minimize or eliminate food safety hazards. As a PAACO Certified Meat Plant Welfare Auditor, Mark gave us recommendations for improving our barn and harvest floor set-up to make it more efficient, while ensuring the humane treatment of animals being processed at our facility.

In addition, Mark trained a whole day with five of our team members, who received HACCP certification with a gold seal by the International HACCP Alliance, whose program assures safer meat and poultry products. Congratulations Francisco Salinas, Morgan Springer, Lucas Roosa, and Kerry and Jenny Mullendore!

* Take note: Jenny has a new last name since she and Kerry were recently married.

Kerry and Jenny Mullendore with their children at their wedding reception May 6, 2017

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