Beginning Farmers: Consider Filling Out Purdue’s Survey

Purdue has launched a new survey for Indiana farmers under a research project entitled “Infrastructure, access, community: a plan to support beginning farmers in Indiana.” The objective of this survey is to learn about what motivates beginning farmers to start a farm, what challenges they face in starting, operating and sustaining their farm, and what information and resource needs they may have.

The survey is open to new farmers or those who want to start farming, including military veterans.

Here are Purdue’s definitions of various farmer categories:

Beginning farmers are considered as (1) anyone who has been farming 10 years or less, or (2) anyone who is interested in starting a farm.
Small-scale farmers are considered as farmers who operate 250 acres of land or less.
Veteran farmers are considered as farmers who served or are serving in the U.S. Military.

Here is the survey link:

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