Celebrating National Butchers Week 2017

This Old Farm is celebrating National Butchers’ Week, whose focus is reminding us of the importance of the local butcher shop to the community it serves. We offer quality, choice, and customer service that you won’t find when you buy pre-wrapped meats off the supermarket shelf. I want to recognize and appreciate the wonderful team here at This Old Farm for their hard work, talent, and earnest desire to provide excellent quality local meat to the community.

Jessica is always exploring innovative and creative ways to showcase farmers’ products and make them more available to local markets. In 2017 we are planning an expansion of our retail store front, allowing This Old Farm to offer you more incredible products and services when you stop by our place.

So this week, March 13-19, offers a chance for butchers’ shops in America as well as in England to “focus on the fantastic innovation that takes place within butchers’ shops across the land … an opportunity for a business to show off its creativity … develop a new product … or come up with a new recipe that shoppers can create at home, using the products bought at your shop.” (Meat Trades Journal, Jan, 2017) To see the entire article, click here.

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