Drought Conditions Are Real.

The other day we participated in a relay for life at The Eli Lilly Health and Wellness Initiative we are part of each week.  We set up a farmer’s market style booth set up for employees to help gain better access to good, healthy produce, meat, and other value added items.  When the rain clouds let lose hard rain, everyone stopped to shout out praise.  Despite the havoc the rain caused for our products, we saw great joy on everyone’s face.  I know I have recently danced in the rain being so grateful to feel the drops on my skin.  Each day we hear about what the lack of rain and the heat is doing to our farmers.  Though irrigation is a great part of our produce farmers operations, it is hard to get enough water to everything.  Nothing is better that rain.  Every field I look at has browning on it now.  Those with livestock are feeding out their winter supply of hay now, starting back in June!  Notice just came out that CRP, conservation reserve program, ground is being released as an emergency measure for livestock farmers to graze or hay.  This ground has been reserved for wildlife or other conservation efforts but do to the official disaster status that surrounds us, emergency measures are being offered to save our food supplies.  The next time you buy produce or run into a livestock producer say thank you.  It is a stressful year for them.  The rest of us see it in the higher prices, they see it in the threat of their livelihood.  Let’s remember to be thankful for the little things in life, like our full pantries and refrigerators.  It comes with a great effort by many.

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