Good Food and Wonderful Representation

A few weeks ago Collin Stanton (a representative from Door to Door Organics in Chicago) came to check out our farm and facility. Bubbling with excitement, he was excited about anything and everything! Working through the daily tasks and chores both on farm and in the office, the beauty of your goal often gets lost among the teetering stacks of paperwork and mountains of stress you sometimes have to endure. So it was very nice to have someone bring a fresh wave of excitement to the facility. After leaving a re-energized staff Collin continued to write a wonderful article about us. Though we enjoy what we do, it is always nice to receive encouragement in knowing that there are other people excited about what you do as well. We’d like to give a huge shout out to Collin, for being so supportive of good food!
Click here for a link to Collin’s article