A New Summer is Here, as Well as a New Author!

Well, summer is officially here at This Old Farm, as indicated by the fact that you can now make the late night rounds to check on the animals, shirtless!!! As I look back at many years on the farm, my favorite part to this day is still running through the field at dusk, with the cool wind beating against your bare skin. It’s only competition would be staying up late watching a movie with the family watching a movie, waiting for it to get dark enough for the boys and our dad to go out and catch chickens to move them from their secured chick structures to their “grown up” homes.

The chickens are getting moved tonight, but it’s a bit different, tonight it’s just me and my brother. As I’ve taken more and more tasks into my own hands within the last year I’ve come to realize how much I’ll miss these “night-time romps” on the farm after I move out. With High-school behind me and the rest of my life ahead of me, I’ve come to realize how precious these moments really are. I’ve gone from being the little one who tags along, to actually being effective, to being able to manage the project, and now I’m watching my brother do the same thing. It’s exciting, but also sad to think I’ll never be able to experience those moments, those stages of life again. You’re only young once, it really is a sad thought.

But I’m not gone yet, I still need a job as I pursue my goals in college! So here I am, typing away at a newsletter waiting to go move chickens, thinking of my brother who is waiting on me anxiously, just like I used to. He’s growing up, and I like to think I am too!


Conner Edward Smith (your new newsletter author!)