Dinner and Wine!

Nothing beats fresh flowers on the table, a nice steak, and all local salads to top off the meal.  This week our local sampler basket features flowers grown by Susannah Stolzfus, sirloin steaks grown just around the corner, and some veggies raised by Joe Cardinal just outside of Lebanon, IN.  Joe is our newest This Old Farm employee in charge of distribution.  Make sure you give him a friendly hello when you are in.  We are happy to have him as a grower and a team member!

Sirloin is one of my favorite steaks.  In my opinion it is often under appreciated.  While it is not as tender as a fillet, the flavor is nice and beefy.  The texture is similar to a New York Strip which I prefer over other cuts.  For my son’s birthday we grilled some tonight!  Our favorite steak marinade is Saki and Soy Sauce.  Any wine can be substituted for the Saki.  Simple but good.  Pour it on, throw them on the grill and dinner will be on the table in no time.

All sirloin steaks are on special this week for 10% off.  Come in and enjoy the best from This Old Farm!

Written by Jessica