Food to Market Challenge

This Old Farm is one of 5 team finalists in a competition we have worked hard on for nearly a year now. The challenge is that of breaking down the local food access barriers for Chicago residents. To do so we partnered with two amazing women and their corresponding organizations. Sheila Kennedy started Top Box Foods to work on food access issues for those living in food desserts in the city. Linda Mallers, CEO of FarmLogix, is a current This Old Farm customer helping get local food into Chicago and other US cities. Her anchor customer is Chicago Public Schools, though we have moved product through her distribution channels to Loyola College and other schools as well. Together our companies formed Team Leverage and went through round one judging to be named one of the top 5 teams in this meaningful challenge.

The actual winner will be announced at an event that we would like to invite you to. On October 26th, 300 audience members will watch the presentations given by the 5 finalists. Each finalist will have a time to answer questions before the panel of judges decide on the winner. If you want a reason to travel to Chicago, register at the EventBrite.

To view the video put together as part of the competition click here and then click the arrow. As always, without your support we could not continue our work in breaking down the barriers to the local food system we believe in here at This Old Farm.

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