Looking for Key Employee.


from This Old Farm Inc. Darlington, IN


Farm Manager Position:

We, Erick and Jessica Smith, are looking for a honest, dependable, hard working, and patient vegetable and livestock steward. She or he will manage our farm in Darlington, Indiana. We own an 88 acre farm that is committed to small farm sustainability and to the production of local foods. We run a vegetable CSA, raise sheep and pasture-raised poultry, sell pasture-raised eggs, and also provide cow and goat milk shares at our farm. We also own This Old Farm Meats and Processing located in Colfax just 5 miles north of the farm. The processing facility is a certified organic plant that offers both custom and inspected processing of local meats.

Here is what we are looking for (requirements):


  • Long-term commitment – This is NOT a summer position or an internship.
  • Is like-minded – In other words, we are looking for someone who enjoys the small farm model and is committed to the ecological and financial sustainability of the small farm and of the land.
  • Has some husbandry/livestock experience and likes being around animals
  • Can show up on time at 7 am for morning milking
  • Has some construction experience
  • Can run large equipment (tractors, tools, etc.)
  • Can work by themselves
  • Has some leadership skills and can run a small crew of 3 or 4
  • Has some computer skills
  • Is okay with livestock slaughter (farm manager often helps at the processing facility with the slaughter operation of livestock and with the slaughter/processing of poultry)
  • Is okay with various work hours – Seasons bring change. The spring and summer seasons are full of long days and weeks and so time off will be limited. But after harvest, farm production slows down as does the work level.


Also, there is a primitive cabin available at the farm for the farm manager if she or he wants to live on site.


For more information or for an interview please contact Jessica or Erick at 765-376-2014 or email them at jessica@thisoldfarminc.com or erick@thisoldfarminc.com.