Sangria Glazed Smoked Pork Loin

Last night we feasted.  I know it is not Thanks giving, it is not even Christmas yet but it was Friday night.  We own a food business so we have to try our products, right?

The bottle of wine came out to celebrate a good and busy week.  The kids were excited to share their ginger bread house collection so the whole family gathered in the kitchen as dinner was made.  It was to be an easy dinner.  We had brought the end pieces to the smoked pork loins home after hand cutting the 1 inch thick tender pieces of meat at the butcher shop.  They only have to be reheated and they are ready.  The vegetables were cooking behind the two iron skillets which were used to brown the pieces of loin.  As the kids talked in the background, Erick poured his glass of Sangria Mead by Oliver Winery over the chops.  An amazing aroma of salt and sugar immediately filled the room.  No one could wait for the dining room table to sample our dinner.  The taste was simply amazing.

We have always said it is just one ingredient that is the difference between mediocre and amazing.  At This Old Farm we strive to make that one specialty item for you.  The quality of the meat matters.  The cooking suggestions are important.  We are here to help with both!