We are going to Kansas!

We are excited to be traveling to visit a wonderful alliance of farms located around Kansas City.  Though we hope to enjoy our travels, we are even more excited about the learning opportunity.  Good Natured Family Farms, located in Kansas, represents a group of farmers that came together in an alliance to be able to better supply their customer base with good sustainable farm products.  It was a win win situation that benefits the small farm families and the customers at the same time.  When we received grant funding for our multi-use processing facility,  Dr. Charles Cleland from the USDA CSREES competitive programs helping with the Small Business Innovation and Research division highly recommended visiting Diana Endicott and the operation she has set up to serve the customer base in Kansas and the small farms she works with.  We are excited to be able to follow Dr. Cleland’s recommendation and visit and tour the Good Natured Family Farm operation.  I anticipate bringing great information back to Indiana to further the growth of sustainable farming here locally.  If you are in need of product prior to Wednesday the 14th of October, please call us at (317) 491-3166.  Our farm manager, Aaron Worden, can help serve your needs.  Thank you for your continued support!