We have eggs!

Harvest Basket  This is something I have not been able to say for a long time.  Pasture raised eggs are one of my favorite things to sell as they speak for themselves.  Most are sold through our egg subscriptions where they are preordered by so many dozen per month.  This allows us to plan on how many hens we should keep to supply your eggs.  We make every effort to make sure you get first dibs on your egg supply as we count on your commitment to the farm and your regular pick up.  This is the first winter, I can remember having extra eggs.  It is a welcome change to having to say that we are all out.  

Each spring we get baby chicks to replace our older hens and allow for growth in our sales.  Winter is ussually a low time of egg production but by bringing on new pullets at that time we hope to have them start laying while our older hens have a break.  This year, the hatcheries were sold out and we were delayed in recieveing chicks for an extra month.  It takes 5 months for a pullet to start laying and laying is heavily dependant on light hours so I was worried we may not get good laying this winter.  Just goes to show, we should not worry about those things we don’t have control over.  We have been blessed with full baskets of eggs.

We are working on taking names off the waiting list to begin egg subscriptions.  If you are ready, give us a call and we will get you started.  If you would like more information on getting good quality eggs from chickens fed organic grains and pastured please contact Jessica.