The Lafayette community has stunned us with their support. We opened the butcher shop in September hoping to fulfill a local food niche and your support has proved that we are in the right place. We love seeing your lovely faces and fulfilling your special requests. We are a whole animal butcher shop so we […]

Protein prices are soaring and volatile. It’s hard to find that sweet spot that makes your customers’ happy and makes you the money you need to sustain your farm. Anxiety about customer retainment is ever present when we reassess our pricing, but the market warrants it. Here’s a great daily USDA Beef report for some […]

Over the past year we have been developing the Chicago foodshed market and increasing source identified local protein options for retailers, restaurants, and distributors. We would like to work together with our farmer partners to increase local food market share in the Chicago foodshed. Please contact our Chicago Wholesale Rep James to discuss opportunities in […]

It is breeding season on the farm. Two rams have been fitted with their marking harnesses and the ewes have been brought up from the fields out back. Each week, we will bring the ewes through the chute so we can record who has been bred and what their expected lambing dates are. The farm […]

Come help us celebrate the opening of our new Lafayette store on September 30th from 3-5pm. Radio talent Mack from K-105’s morning show will be here to help liven up the party. My brother, Jared, reminded me to stop and enjoy the work we do from time to time so here we go Brother Jared! […]

Lafayette, I am coming home! Our first farm meat sales were at the farmer’s market in my hometown of Lafayette. Those early sales bring such good memories that I will greatly enjoy standing behind the counter of our new Lafayette Butcher Shop opening Friday September 17th! This Old Butcher Shoppe is just off Veteran’s Memorial […]

The freezer turned on yesterday! Over the next week our freezer warehousing space will be cooling down quite literally. It is enough space that we were told to give it a full week to get down to where we want to hold product at. I know many of our farmers and customers have recieved calls […]

On November 13, 2009 This Old Farm went from being farm to being farm and meat processor with the purchase of a then custom exempt meat processing facility outside of Colfax, IN which was just 7 miles from our home farm. I remember that first day as all of a sudden I was in charge […]

From Farm to Table: Did you read that I have had my head down charging towards the red flag. Hindsight is always better than foresight, right?!? Somehow in the midst of a pandemic and the building shortages that have been part of it, I managed to get in the middle of three separate building projects […]

Many conversations start today with asking how we are doing hiring team members due to the national labor shortage. I am thankful that we have added and filled over 20 positions in the last year. These are 20 people that are dedicated to good local food and the hard work needed to put it on […]

“We have an opportunity to transform our nation’s food system with a greater focus on resilient, local and regional food systems,” said Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack. “These grants will help maximize opportunities for economic growth and ingenuity in local and regional food systems to kickstart this transformation. LAMP grants have a history of generating new […]